If your business - social enterprise or NGO, is working towards solutions for environmental sustainability, I can help you tell the world about it. 
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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

                                   - Lao Tzu

Something professional: I started my career in 2007, working full-time as a media planner in one of the country’s top 10 advertising agencies. Today, in 2020, 13 years later, I have spent 8 of those years in mainstream organisations as a Marketing and Communications strategist, and around 5 years working in the environmental sector as an entrepreneur and consultant. I cross-pollinate learnings from both larger fields in my work. I envision a world where businesses are built on a solid foundation of respect, spirituality and the greater good of people and animals. To this vision, I bring my skills as a writer, strategist, marketeer and project manager and help social enterprises and NGOs bridge the gap between their dreams and reality.

Something personal: I am an avid traveller, seeking out places and experiences off the beaten path,  preferably somewhere salty, spending more time in the water, than out of it. I've been fortunate to have visited over 20 countries. I live joyfully in Goa with my sports consultant husband and adopted dog child. I find writing cathartic and gardening, therapeutic.

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Media coverage



2000 - 2005

Understood some of the basics as a curious teenager.

2006 - 2010

Early years of my ambitious advertising career crossed paths with an increasing passion and something worthwhile emerged.

2011 - 2014

Green OK Please was born. A blog turned into an e-commerce website, a platform for eco conscious products. I was a mentee and a mentor.

This was when I learned at least half of everything I know about being an entrepreneur.

Organised our first eco-fair, Ecostreet in partnership with Pune's ABC Farms.


Finally felt comfortable calling myself an environmentalist. 

Organised an organic Holi party in collaboration with eCoexist

Organised the 2nd edition of Ecostreet in December

Lead the project 'Beauty of Recycling, 2015' with eCoexist

Was an incubatee with Unltd India for my platform 'Green OK Please'


Completed a year long research project on single use plastics

Worked with NGO Swechha and social enterprise Green the Map in Delhi


Was a sustainability volunteer with the FIFA U-17 World Cup, India 2017

Sports Sustainability Leadership Certificate course from Seattle University


Made presentations to inform and educate my colleagues at Synapse and Screenroot

Became a published author! Buy my book here

Continued my learning journey


Worked on a sustainable collection of furniture with Josmo

Continued to write articles in TERI's magazine, Terragreen


Pursued exploration of sustainable materials in the architecture and interior space

Started volunteering for a large citizens' movement to protect Goa's forests and life


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